Good-Dirt Handigger

  • $19.00




The Handigger by Good-Dirt is a great gift for senior gardeners.

It is an ergonomic and lightweight tool, with a durable pull not push design. Use it to dig down on soil and pull towards the body instead of away. It's easy to use for all hand sizes and a perfect choice/gift for gardeners with rheumatoid arthritis.

The Handigger is multipurpose. Great for digging, weeding, planting and transplanting, spreading and leveling flower and vegetable beds. It can even be used to clean gutters! Perfect for your window box and container gardens too. Use with or without gardening gloves. The Good-Dirt Handigger has one round end and one end with a “serrated” zig zag edge. 

The Handigger is precisely engineered. It is made from durable glass fiber laced plastic with a comfortable rubber grip. The no-rust Handigger has one pointed end for delicate seeding, digging holes for root balls and scooping, as well as one ribbed spade end for digging larger holes and spreading.


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