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Mobility Aid

Mobility independence is the freedom to move around easily. With aging, sometimes mobility devices are needed to help a loved one maintain freedom and independent living. Most basic mobility aids are either clunky, heavy, or uncomfortable to use. Many other mobility aids are prescribed by doctors for specific conditions.

Our collection of mobility aids is hand-picked best choices for senior consumers. For example, the Karman wheelchairs that we carry have features such as ergonomic seating, care-taker brakes, and ultra-light weight. Our catalog of mobility aids will bring years of trusted service to your family, and you will realize what a difference these well-designed senior mobility aids bring to your loved ones. 


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Manual Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs are meant to be pushed by caretakers or self-propelled by the user. The ideal manual wheelchairs for older family members should be light in weight and foldable, so they can be easily carried around in cars. In addition, our collection of popular wheelchairs from Karman have unique patented ergonomic seating, which is designed to relieve pressure, reduce sliding, and promote good posture.


Transport Wheelchairs

This transport wheelchair is much lighter than any standard wheelchairs, thanks to the smaller back wheels. However, they are only meant to be pushed by caretakers. The caretaker brakes give added control to the pusher and extra safety to the user.

Standard Wheelchairs

This standard wheelchair has a larger back wheel, so the user can self-propel in addition to being pushed by the caregiver. 


Power Chairs

We recommend the popular Pride brand of power chairs. The first one is the 2016-redesigned Go-Chair, meant to be easily taken apart for transporting with cars. The second one is the brand new award winning Jazzy Air, launched in 2016 and revolutionized power mobility by adding vertical seat lifting for enhanced social interaction. 

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