EW-27 Crossover Scooter

  • $1,599.00



EW-27 EWheels Crossover Pre-Mobility Scooter

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The EW-27 EWheels Crossover Pre-Mobility Scooter has designer style and perfect for active riders who want an easy and exciting way to get around. 

The Crossover pre-mobility scooter is designed for riders that have full physical use of their extremities and have good hand-eye coordination. The EW 27 can travel at speeds of up to 15 mph with a driving range of up to 35 miles when fully charged. This scooter features a key start and an intuitive twist throttle for variable speed control, while a front suspension fork and rear shock absorption ensure you'll enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. The small rear back seat is perfect for a Grandchild, dog carrier or groceries. There are 3-speed settings, speed 1 should be used for normal operation. The EW 27 is equipped with a full lighting package that includes a headlight, brake lights, and turn signals, and also comes with an electric horn so you can safely reach your destination.




Top Speed: 15.00 mph
Drive Range: 35.00 miles
Weight Capacity: 350.00 Lbs
Ground Clearance: 5.00"
Disassembles: No
Delta Tiller: No
Max Seat to Ground Height: 31"
Multiple Seating Options: No
Power Elevating Seat: No
Height Adjustable Seat: No
High-Back Seat: No
Wheel Type: Three Wheeled
Front Wheel Size: 14"
Rear Wheel Size: 14"
Overall Width: 25"
Overall Length: 58"
Battery Type: Four 12V 20AH Batteries
Batteries Included: Yes
Drive Type: Rear-Wheel Drive
Suspension: Yes
Basket Included: Yes
Headlight: Yes


Shipping & Packaging


Gerimart.com is an authorized E-Wheels Dealer, so we can assure you that our E-Wheels scooters are quality checked, pre-assembled, professionally packaged, & shipped to you Fast & Free, so when it arrives your E-Wheels is ready to roll. 



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