Ergonomic Garden Set

  • $59.00





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Radius gardening tools have been covered in just about every publication that has ever mentioned gardening, featured on The Today Show and the Oprah Winfrey Show, and participated in dozens of community projects helping less advantaged gardeners. More importantly, over 1 million gardeners use Radius products in good health.

It's an incredible luxury to have a complete set of ergonomic Radius hand digging and scratching tools. Too often we make due with a single, old rusty trowel for every project in the garden. The right tool for the right task makes us more efficient and makes gardening more enjoyable. This set includes a trowel, transplanter, weeder, scooper, and cultivator.  With endorsements from dozens of publications and organizations, the Natural Radius Grip tools are your best choice. They are made to last a lifetime and we guarantee it.

 From the maker of Radius Garden.