Titan Swivel Chair

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Titan Swivel Chair with Caregiver Assist: it moves… it swivels… it locks

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  • Arrives fully assembled, ready to use out of the box.
  • Ideal for in-home care, as it enhances the quality of life for persons with Alzheimer, Dementia, Parkinson or for seniors where the effects of aging have reduced their mobility.
  • The SWIVEL feature enables a person with reduced mobility, or a person using a walker to be seated at the table, at which time a caregiver/spouse can move the person to and from the table with ease!
  • The SWIVEL feature locks the seat every 90 degrees providing confidence to the person as they are seated.
  • The risk of personal injury to caregiver/spouse as a result of pushing/shoving someone to the table is significantly reduced.
  • Prevents damage to furniture/flooring as chairs are rolled forward (not pushed or shoved).


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